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Should a Logistics Manager be an expert in safety and damage prevention in a Logistics Operation?

Let the cobbler stick to his last.

The level of depth and experience required in each logistics operation has been evolving and becoming more and more specific to your operation. Each operation is a world unto itself, and so are the infinite and different product SKUs, so each operation has its own logic and therefore also its security.

Directors, Managers, Logistics Managers need to focus on their different tasks from optimizing spaces and resources, how to be more efficient, how to charge in a better way or how to improve the intelligent picking route among other things, under the pressure of compliance, KPI measurements and all this generating savings and profitability, asking them to also take care of security, is detrimental to their day to day, and takes them 100% out of their focus.

The security experience has evolved hand in hand with the industry in recent years, going from being a "problem" to becoming part of the operating culture of the Companies, contributing to improve the Operations Security Standards.

This must be a joint effort between the companies and those of us who are 100% dedicated to the integral security of operations, since they are the companies that are clear about the functioning of their Operation and its risks, but are not experts in seeing how to solve or prevent these risks to have a safe operation in harmony and in accordance with the level of security and protocols with the operation of the company.

We invite companies to optimize their resources and be efficient in their investments, having a medium-term vision and trusting the experts who can help.



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