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Our clients speak for us ...

Luis Urrutia - Foodpack.jpg
Luis Urrutia

Head of DC Foodpack

"Ennat's solution proposal for the various problems of our operation has meant zero maintenance cost for us in the last five years."

Jose Miguel Miranda

Logistics manager

"Ennat products have helped us protect our entire Distribution Center, which has generated greater security, savings and aesthetics in our warehouses."

codelpa horizontal.png
Veronica Glatzel Z.

Projects and Developments Deputy Manager

"Ennat helped us develop a customized solution; the product is of good quality, and the installation was impeccable."

Francisco Ramirez

Head of Equipment Acquisition DC

"We changed all the DC metal protections for Ennat's Barrier System that combines rubber with steel, raising the safety standard of our warehouses and generating savings in the replacement and maintenance of our racks."

Javier Candia Veloso

Founder - Manager

"Since 2018, we have been working with ENNAT, distributing all their lines of industrial protection products; they have a wide range of solutions for our clients, who are very satisfied."

Herman Ferrada Soto

Deputy Project Manager

"We have been operating for 4 years and preferring ENNAT protections in our 27 CDs throughout Chile with excellent results, which have exceeded our expectations. We have perceived significant savings due to the reduction in repairs and improved our safety conditions, which we will continue to improve in the future ”

Ricardo Arenas

Chief Executive Officer

"Since 2019, we have had a Distribution alliance for their products; their innovative design and product quality have made my clients lean towards ENNAT's protections."

Felipe Valdez.jpeg
Felipe Valdez

Director of operations

"ENNAT advised us and presented a comprehensive Proposal of protections for our 25,000 m2 DC in Yucatán. We changed all the steel protections for Ennat technology. Your products have met our expectations. "

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Felipe Valdez

Director of operations

"The Ennat protections have generated a solution with results above expectations for our Distribution Centers in Chile and Mexico, which have made it possible to minimize rack repair costs and significantly improved the associated conditions of safety and aesthetics in the facilities."

2018 SCJ logo.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-07-05 at 2_edited.jpg
Ricardo Arenas

Chief Executive Officer

Ennat protections met our expectations and the expected quality and safety standard, they have an excellent team of very professional installers and their products are of very good quality.

A Gonzalez.tif
Felipe Valdez

Director of operations

We are very happy and satisfied with the quality of Ennat's products and service, they have provided us with considerable savings in maintenance costs by raising our safety standards. We are implementing their protections in all our warehouses throughout the country.

Logo GEPP.png
Susana Morales_edited.jpg
Felipe Valdez

Director of operations

"We started working with Ennat in 2020 in one of our plants in Mexico where we were able to verify the innovation and high quality of its products, obtaining savings in repairs and damage to our facilities. We currently adopt Ennat products as standard for our plants in Mexico and we will continue to explore their innovative product portfolio."

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