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Savings in the Supply Chain, improving the profitability of a Business.

For the Supply Chain to function perfectly, there must be a robust Logistics Operation capable of responding efficiently and quickly to the demands in a regular operation or on days of peak demand.

The associated costs are significant, and generating savings in these is one of the variables that can help significantly in the profitability of a business.

From this point of view, there are companies that, because they are immersed in their day-to-day activities, do not consider the protection of people and structures within their warehouses or Distribution Centers as a priority, such as racks, automation systems, machinery, offices, among others.

To illustrate those mentioned above, Fig 1 details the level of COSTS that storage racks can suffer if they are not protected, which can amount to more than $ 38 million annually.

In Fig 2, the annual costs caused by damage to structures with metal protections are detailed, exceeding $ 19,000,000 without considering the damage suffered by the forklifts due to impacts without cushioning.

Thanks to more than five years of data collected in Chilean companies that use Ennat's protections (CCU, Sodimac, FoodPack, SMU, and Colun, among others). We have been able to identify that it is the alternative that generates the most savings since the costs are increased in the order of $ 780,000 annually, thanks to the fact that there is only a 3% annual replacement of protections, as can be seen in Fig 3.

To this must be added an "intangible" cost, which is the safety in the Operation, and most importantly, the safety of the workers.

In summary, we can conclude with the table in Fig 4 that racks that are not protected or are protected with products that do not last and do not meet the demands of an operation, generate high costs for the business.

At the same time, using high-quality and durable products such as ENNAT's proposal, significant savings can be generated, where the investment in this type of product is only about 20% of the annual costs in unprotected racks; thus, the investment is recovered in 3 months.

Ennat Protections Investment: $ 18,500 x 500 units = $ 9,250,000

Annual cost without protection: $ 38,243,756 / monthly: $ 3,186,980

That is, there is a return on investment in 3 months vs the costs of not protecting the racks.



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