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Rubber, material 3.0

All of us from experience know something about materials; we know that steel is hard and that wood can become very soft. But in some technical applications, these limits can be confusing; which material is better? Which one will last longer? How to get the best performance?

When it comes to protections of any kind, not just Logistics Protections, we look for something capable of cushioning the force of the impact; bicycle helmets, slippers, car bumpers, etc., and the materiality of these protections are determining factors in their performance.

In the logistics area, in the past, everything was protected with steel, of course; It seemed logical to use a piece of high hardness that stops the forklift's impact, the important thing was to preserve the structure, if the protection had to be replaced, well, it was replaced. If one doesn't replace the piece, the following impact will damage the structure, and the replacement costs will be higher, so this type of protection is already in retirement and gave way to the new plastic protections.

Plastic protections use the elastic deformation of the material; it is a brilliant design because, as plastic has a greater elastic limit than steel, it can recover something from its original shape. The drawback is that under situations of high mechanical stress and low temperatures, the performance will decrease and break down the polymeric structure. This is remedied with additives and compounds that improve performance, but in the end, it is a more expensive plastic, but plastic after all.

At Ennat, we have focused on manufacturing Protections 3.0, how?, with one of the most elastic materials on the planet, Latex or Rubber. Rubber has a very high elastic limit; it can deform and then return to its original shape without being damaged. In addition, the interior cavities of our protections, inspired by the controlled deformation of automobiles, allow us to increase the deformation time and absorb as much energy as possible while reducing the amount of material, passing these savings on to our customers.

The choice is yours, but you are cordially invited to test the durability of our 3.0 protections.



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