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  • Abraham Mosso

New Project ENNAT USA

Discover how ENNAT Solutions protected Nestlé USA's automated wrapping machine

Shock absorption systems for your valuable machinery

At ENNAT Solutions, we are committed to providing premium industrial protection solutions, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our customers. Recently, we had the privilege of working with Nestlé USA to protect their automated wrapping machine, a critical piece of their operation.

The challenge:

Nestlé USA's wrapping machine is a vital piece of its packaging process, but it faced a recurring problem: previous protection solutions damaged the anchors and reduced their protection capacity. Furthermore, expensive machinery was exposed to risks of damage.

Our solution:

After carefully evaluating Nestlé USA's specific needs, our team of experts designed a customized solution using our state-of-the-art protection technology. We developed a guard that not only fit the wrapping machine perfectly, but also guaranteed maximum protection without compromising the integrity of the machinery.

The results:

Protection with Technology: Our solution provides protection with the strength of metal plus rubber wheels that absorb impacts without compromising the functionality of the wrapping machine.

Risk reduction: Nestlé USA can now operate with peace of mind, knowing that its machinery is protected from damage.

Greater durability: Our custom protection has been proven to be durable and resistant, keeping the wrapping machine safe at all times.

At ENNAT Solutions, we are proud to offer solutions that make a difference. If you are looking to protect your machinery and keep your operation safe and efficient, contact us today to find out how we can help:



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