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Modular Barriers, a tailored suit.

If someone believes that all logistics operations are the same, they have not visited many!

The truth is that each logistics operation has its peculiarities and specific requirements; they use structures from different manufacturers, different sizes, different layouts, different forklifts, and even the staff work differently.

At Ennat, we identified this condition several years ago, and since then, we have set the objective of having a Protection System that allows us to adapt to the requirements of each client, a tailored suit.

This task has not been easy, considering that we have clients all over America (the United States included), years have passed so that today we can have a system that adapts but that at the same time maintains its simplicity and functionality.

Thanks to our modular system, we are able to configure the barriers according to length, height, type of crossbar, curves, counter curves, 90 °, 45 °, etc.

Gone are the times of manufacturing to order according to each client, behind are the long delivery times per manufacturing, and the inconveniences caused by a wrong survey or incomplete planimetries.

Contact us with your requirements, and we will gladly configure a precise solution.



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