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Automation without protection?

In Sodimac, Chile, they are betting on the automation of several internal processes to their operation. In July of 2020, they began to implement processes with robots in its main distribution center.

However, this does not mean that these processes are not exposed to accidents or imponderables. They must still coexist with a "manual" operation of cranes and different machinery in this process. This is why ENNAT adapted and designed a proposal of protections to protect and safely delimit the robot's route. Helping not only the safety of this new high price equipment but also visually helping to coordinate the Flows safely from the other machinery that participates jointly in the path towards process automation.

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"Protection of Automation Processes"


SODIMAC Lo Espejo Distribution Center, Santiago - Chile.

Product | Description

20 linear meters (66 linear ft) of Barriers



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